New House Brewed Organic Chai from Two Leaves & A Bud

Some may think that traditional coffee shops are an unlikely place for organic tea; but our coffee shop customers are finding tea sales brewing. From healthful Japanese green teas from Two Leaves & A Bud to flavored teas like Mighty Leaf’s Organic Ginger Peach, this is the month that tea (and especially organic tea) sales surge.Organic Chai tea

Iced tea sales are not only growing in August, but tea is expected to continue to outpace the growth of drip coffee throughout the next decade. According to a recent study by the by the international market research company Research & Markets, tea sales are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% from 2016-2020.

Much of that growth is expected to come from non-traditional tea flavors. These flavor profiles are driven by millennials who are seeking innovation and variety when it comes to tea offerings.

No other tea flavor has taken flight so quickly as chai from India. Chai is black brewed organic tea and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper that is prepared with milk and sugar. It is traditionally served hot, but more recently cold and blended chai have become a popular alternative to iced coffee and frappes.

A New Approach to Flavor: House Brewed Chai

Last month we discussed the introduction of Torani’s Chai Concentrate, an exceptional alternative to other liquid concentrates like Oregon Chai or Tazo. This month, marks the introduction of a new approach to chai from Two Leaves & A Bud: House Brewed Organic Chai Tea.

Two Leaves & A Bud is an independent tea company known for quality organic tea. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Richard Rosenfeld, the company is named after the most precious and tasteful parts of a tea plant: the top two leaves and the bud.

“We’ve been raising the standards of tea drinkers ever since, making it simple for you and your customers to drink truly great tea in every iteration,” said Two Leaves founder Richard Rosenfeld.

House Brewed Organic Chai Tea is sold in big food-service size tea bags so you can fresh brew it as needed. Use the tea to brew a 1:1 concentrate, which is one tea bag for 1 liter of fresh water or 2 tea bags for 1.9 liters of fresh water. This is the base “strong brew” that is used for many different chai beverages:

  • Hot Chai Latte is 4oz of strong brew to 4oz of milk. Steam in a pitcher and pour into a serving cup. Top with cinnamon if you wish.
  • Cold Chai Latte is 4oz of strong brew to 4oz of milk. Pour over ice in a 12oz cold cup.
  • Iced Chai is 4oz of strong brew to 4oz of water. Pour over ice in a 12oz cold cup.
  • Chai Macchiato is 6oz of strong brew and 2oz of steamed milk in a serving cup.
  • Frozen Chai Frappe is 6oz of strong brew to 6oz of ice and 2oz of milk. Blend until smooth and pour into a cold cup.
  • For seasonal or flavored versions of these drinks, add 2-4 pumps of pumpkin, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel or gingerbread syrup.

The big tea bags come 24 in a case, which brews about 80 lattes. Since you’ll use your own water to brew it, a case of House Brewed Organic Chai takes up very little room and has minimal packaging. It’s fresh, simple, convenient, and profitable.

Organic tea infographic on chai tea

With the quality and flavor that made Two Leaves and a Bud, House Brewed Organic Chai is a wonderful alternative (or addition) to the typical liquid chai concentrates. It’s a flavorful balance of real Indian black tea and rich spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, and notably, it comes unsweetened – zero sugar or artificial sweeteners. This unsweetened tea allows customers to sweeten the drink to their liking. Or it’s the perfect starting point for your delicious, signature chai beverages.

We stock several organic tea options at our Raleigh NC coffee roasting facilities. For more information, call a Customer Service Representative at 800 835 5943 or email



New Torani Chai Concentrate

Torani Chai Stockton GrahamSimple, real ingredients and flavor craftsmanship are Torani traditions, and their newest beverage innovation highlights both with a taste that’s simply amazing. Torani Chai Concentrate is perfectly balanced for a smoother, richer and tastier chai experience.

To help you explore this chai alternative, Torani and Stockton Graham & Co. are offering complimentary one-week chai tastings at your business. We will provide a case of Torani Chai Concentrate, Torani sample cups, recipes and point-of-sale for your store. If you pick up products locally, you can also ask your Customer Care Associate to sample the chai at our facilities.

In the language of Hindi, chai is a word that simply means “tea.” (So when you put chai on your menu, there’s no need to follow the word Chai with the word Tea.) Today, however, chai has come to represent what traditional Indian cultures would call Chai Masala: a milky sweet, rich tea that is infused with seven aromatic spices. These spices are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and black pepper.

As more chains are putting chai on their menus and retail shelf offerings keep expanding, chai flavors have become more abundant. You’ll see everything from vanilla and caramel chai to all types of spicy chai. Most spicy chai teas, for instance, also include cayenne or small amounts of Tezpur chili pepper from India, which has been recognized as the hottest pepper in the world—even hotter than Mexico’s Red Savina Habanero.

Torani Chai Concentrate: A perfectly balanced chai

Before launching its new Torani Chai Concentrate, Torani did extensive research into the flavor preferences of Americans. Their goal was to create a perfectly balanced chai where milk, spice, sweetness and tea each complemented each other and no component outweigh the other.

Torani Chai ConcentrateTorani Chai Concentrate is available in two flavors:

  • Traditional: A mellow, well-rounded blend of ground spices paired with honey, cane sugar and organic black tea.
  • Spicy: A lively chai with a bit more kick that highlights the ginger and cinnamon components of the seven traditional chai spices.


Whether traditional or spicy, Torani Chai Concentrate is a well-rounded and balanced combination that exudes spice notes that creates a bold experience without overpowering the rich flavor of the tea. The tea is kept fresh in a shelf-stable 32oz Tetra-Pak® and shipped six packs per carton.

What’s more, Torani Chai Concentrate is made with only simple, real ingredients like organic black tea, traditional ground spices, wildflower honey and a touch of pure cane sugar. The ingredient deck is clean and emphases the tea, which is important to consumers who follow health and wellness trends.

Torani Chai ConcentrateThere are three ways to serve Torani Chai Concentrate:

  • Hot: Mix equal parts chai concentrate with any kind of milk. Heat using a steam wand.
  • Iced: Mix equal parts chai with any kind of milk. Pour over iced.
  • Blended: Combine 6oz chai concentrate with 14oz ice and 2oz of any kind of milk. Blend until smooth.

Whatever way you chose to serve it, millennials and boomers alike will welcome the addition of chai to your menu.

For more information on Torani Chai Concentrate, please call a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943.