Fall for these sweet treats

Summer is winding down and with fall right around the corner, it’s time to update your menu board with a new batch of seasonal specialty beverages.  Stockton Graham & Co is now offering Pumpkin flavored syrups from Monin, Torani, & DaVinci along with Torani Pumpkin Pie sauce. A perfect complement for coffee & tea based drinks.  My favorite is the Pumpkin Pie Latte but these syrups & sauces also work great as a steamer or blend up a cool, refreshing Pumpkin Pie frappe.

Also be on the lookout for these other seasonal syrup flavors from Monin, Torani, & DaVinci: Honey Vanilla, Shortbread, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Gingerbread, Caramel Apple, Egg Nog, Maple Spice, Spice Berry, etc…

Stockton Graham & Co will have limited stock of these seasonal flavors.  Please order early to ensure adequate inventories at your store because these flavors will not last long.   We also have a limited availability of seasonal promotional items but you may always sign up online for your merchandising kit at the Monin, Torani, & DaVinci websites.

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fall treats

Must-Have ‘Prep for Fall’ Checklist for Coffee House Owners

Fall is a great time to be a coffee shop owner – regulars return from summer vacation, kids begin a new school year and popular seasonal blends and drinks give people another reason to stop in shop. There’s a lot going on, both personally and professionally, and a business owner can get overwhelmed quickly.

Plan fall menu and drinks.

Call Stockton Graham & Co. to order seasonal syrups and sauces. Customers expect flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple to be on your fall menu. Pre-ordering these seasonal items ensures you are prepared to handle the demand. We highly suggest you order AT LEAST one case pumpkin flavored syrup of your brand choice – it will sell. We offer it in DaVinci, Torani and Monin.

What blends and flavored coffees will you offer? As the temperature cools, coffee sales heat up. We have a wide variety of fall blends and flavors to suit any palate. Click here to see a list of our favorite fall coffees!

Hire additional staff as needed. Do they need training? Our Coffee College program will make them the best baristas they can be and, ultimately, save you money.

Sign-up for free vendor point-of-sale material. Check out this listing of where to sign-up, HERE.

Begin an aggressive marketing push to local schools.

Don’t neglect frozen drinks. Try out this recipe for a delicious Caramel Apple Dr. Smoothie.

Have your holiday menu planned out by mid September. Gingerbread syrup, take-home coffee, gift baskets, etc.

If this is your first season as a cafe owner, or you’re a veteran looking for some new, spicy ideas, contact one of our customer care associates today at 800 835 5943 for additional advice.


Need a Fall Frozen Drink Idea? Try this…

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this smoothie. Savor the taste today of a crisp red delicious apple swirled in sweet caramel, the ultimate smoothie experience!


Yield: 16 oz. finished beverage

2 oz. water
3 oz. Dr. Smoothie Northwest Apple Orchard Concentrate
2 oz. – 3 oz. caramel sauce
15 oz. cup of ice

• Add the ingredients in the order listed above and blend.

Taste Profile: Just like taking a bite out of an actual caramel apple, only smoother.