Celebrating August Anniversaries!


Cameron came to Stockton Graham & Co. with very little coffee experience. Due to his hardwork, enthusiasm and willingness to learn, he quickly moved from working in shipping and receiving to his current position as First Assistant Roaster In Training. He is familiar with all the aspects that go into the nuances in a cup of specialty coffee and is passionate about bringing out the best of each varietal we offer.


Cameron now assists in everything from cupping, to roasting, to even developing flavor profiles and is always excited to know more about our coffees. He also helps preform routine maintenance on the roasters to prevent major breakdowns.

“From the first cupping, his desire to learn more about coffee apparent and contagious to all around him. Not only did he demonstrate an aptitude to detecting flavor profile nuances in the cup, he has the personal desire to explore coffee and its capabilities to the fullest. I have been impressed at how he is taken self-initiative to learn more about coffee, roasting, cupping and brewing upon his own and sharing his quest and what he has learned with other team members. I look forward to what he will learn and teach me and the rest of the team as he explores specialty coffee even more.” – Jeff Vojta

“It has been a pleasure to work with Cameron for the past year. His enthusiasm he brings to the table and his quest for learning have been valuable to him, and to us. He has taken over several responsibilities in production and is on his way to learning the ins and outs at the cupping table. We look forward to working with him for many years to STG513-ID-stickercome. ” -Brandon Riggs