Dear Joe,

I’ve had a few customers request decaf tea, but there aren’t a lot of options out there. What solutions do you have?


Dear Donna,

Decaf Earl Grey is available from Mighty Leaf, which we do carry. Both Two Leaves and a Bud and Mighty Leaf have an extensive lines of herbal teas, which are naturally decaffeinated.

But if you’re not looking to lose sales from the customers needing decaf black and green varietals, try out this technique:

1. Let the tea steep in a full cup of water for 10 seconds and remove the tea bag.

2. Dump the water, add fresh hot water to the cup, and add the tea bag back in.

3. Allow for normal steeping time.

This process removes much of the caffeine because caffeine is one of the first things that is extracted from tea. I always present this option to customers who are looking for a decaf tea. It’s much more cost-effective; you don’t have to add another SKU to your inventory.

Yours in coffee,

Josepheius A. Graham