Boost Your Brand with Private Label Coffee

When the dynamic, multi-talented jazz saxophonist Marcus Anderson sought to launch his own private label coffee, he turned to Raleigh coffee roaster Stockton Graham & Co. to develop the coffee and assist with packaging that reflected his unique musical and coffee experiences.Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee for Marcus Anderson Jazz Musician AND Coffee

“As a working musician, I travel to different places, and when I go there I usually visit local coffee shops,” said the world-renown musician who lives and works in the Triangle area. “While I’m there, a song may hit me.”

“While I was touring in Europe, Germany, California, I’d write songs,“ said Marcus Anderson, who has toured the world with his own ensemble and as a member of Prince’s New Power Generation. “Before I knew it, I had an album. And of course, I had to create the coffee that went with it.”


Out of that experience and a partnership with Stockton Graham & Co. AND Coffee was created ( Fans of AND Coffee can enjoy four different varieties with the same titles of four magical tracks on Marcus Anderson’s CD of the same name. The songs and coffee are Cappuccino Strut, Cup of Joe, Hazelnut and Passion Blend. The CD is available online as is the coffee, which will also soon be available in retail stores.

Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee Craft Roasted for AND Coffee Marcus ANderson“Coffee is a beverage that is enjoyed all over the world,” Marcus continued. “People share the experience of drinking a cup of joe with a stranger and begin to relate to one another. I love being part of products that bring us all together.”

Perks @Belk

Shortly after helping Marcus Anderson launch AND Coffee, Stockton Graham & Co. worked on a private label program for a visionary of a different kind for the Triangle-based restaurateur and businessman Payman Bazooband.

Perks at Belk CoffeeBazooband, who is behind such upscale eateries as Red Monkey, Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse and Tomato Pie, just launched a sophisticated coffee, wine and chocolate shop inside the Belk department store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh.

Stockton Graham & Co. designed the private label coffee program for Perks@Belk, which launched with four single-origin and three coffee blends, including certified organic Southern Style and a house espresso called Moda.

Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee for Perks at BelkLane Mitchell, creative and brand director of Stockton Graham & Co., said, “Our goal with the Perks@Belk packaging was to visualize the Belk brand identity, which is summarized in three words: Modern. Southern. Style.”

“Perks@Belk private label coffee features fresh, updated versions of well-loved fabric textures and patterns that resonate with the modern, Southern customer who has come to count on Belk for all her personal, home and family fashion needs,” Lane said. “The label appears on a Kraft bag that appeals to her classic sense of style.”

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

IPrivate Label Coffee from Stockton Graham Grounds for Health Blendn January, the non-profit organization that leads HPV and cervical cancer awareness across the United States worked with Stockton Graham & Co. on a private label coffee to raise money for prevention and treatment activities here and abroad. Their Grounds for Health Blend coffee, which is a sister to Stockton Graham Coffees’ blend of the same name, raises money for programs on coffee farms in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Peru, as well as local programs in places like Durham, Atlanta and Houston.

Created by Stockton Graham & Co. designer Chris Sim, the NCCC labels “bring the human element of this campaign to the forefront, where it belongs,” Sim said. “Using only the cervical cancer awareness color teal and showcasing two women candidly smiling back at you, these labels are a constant reminder that this is a very real cause involving real people, and that every purchase truly does make a difference.”

The same coffee is also sold at Dilworth Coffee in Charlotte, or online at Dilworth Coffee.

San Domingo Fair Trade Coffee & Goods

Stockton Graham San Domingo Fair Trade CoffeeThe St. Michaels, MD-based coffee shop San Domingo Fair Trade Coffee & Goods asked Stockton Graham to create a one-of-a-kind private label coffee featuring a custom blend of coffees and a package that featured the store’s location: an historic home in the center of a quaint town on the Chesapeake Bay. Sold both at its coffee cafe and music-infused late-night dessert cafe, San Domingo Fair Trade House Blend is a crowd favorite.

“We tried several ways to integrate the historic home into San Domingo’s packaging from photography to line drawings, expressionist paintings and stippling,” said Stockton Graham & Co. creative director Lane Mitchell. “We decided that the juxtaposition of a turn-of-the-century stylized image and bold, distressed typography captured the essence of the San Domingo Fair Trade experience.”

Leapfrogging the Competition

Private labels are becoming such a critical component of retail strategy that even massive global retailers like Amazon are jumping on the bandwagon. Once considered a “down market” alternative to more expensive national brands, consumer perceptions around the quality and value of private label offerings have increased significantly. Today, more than 80 percent of consumers feel that private label solutions offer as good or better quality compared to their national brand counterparts, according to a 2015 Food Institute report on private labeling trends.

Private Label Coffee for Your Business

Batch 0095 Private Label Coffee Portion PackAnd there are few food and beverage categories that have been more successful in private labeling than specialty coffee.

Stockton Graham & Co. has been providing private label solutions to coffee retailers for over a decade. We currently offer three solutions:

Customer-Supplied Labels & Packaging: You can choose to create, purchase and deliver your bags and labels to our Raleigh coffee roasting facilities for your brand’s exclusive use. We will warehouse them and help you keep track of inventory.

Customer-Designed Labels & Packaging: We can professionally print labels and/or bags based on designs you supply, and we will warehouse your labels and packaging in our Raleigh facility for your exclusive use.

Custom-Designed Packaging: Stockton Graham & Co.’s internationally award-winning creative team can provide a holistic private label solution including a custom-designed label and package. We will bulk print your items and store them at our Raleigh facility exclusively for your use.

To help coffee businesses understand their private label alternatives, we have assembled a short booklet on label and packaging types, as well as information on how to embark on your own private label program.

Please contact a sales representative – Thom Swain, Debra Dolan or Brady Butler – at 800 835 5943 for more information on Stockton Graham & Co. Private Label Solutions.