Apple Harvest Time!

Apple flavored inspired drinks are just the thing to get your seasonal menu started!  These recipes will surely get your customers ready for the transition and have them looking forward to more seasonal drinks!

Adding apple syrup to your black tea can provide your menu with a nice seasonal variation on a beverage that is popular year-round!  Simply add 2 pumps of apple to your 12oz hot or iced black tea and enjoy!  Another great option is to add 2 pumps of apple to a 12oz cup and add ½ black tea, ½ lemonade and ice for a truly phenomenal beverage experience!

Another easy seasonal beverage that is also kid-friendly is the apple Italian soda!  All this tasty beverage requires is 2 pumps and apple syrup combined with a 12 oz cup of soda water and ice!

For those cool fall evenings there are a few hot apple-infused drinks that will definitely keep you warm!  The caramel apple latte is a popular festive fall drink, with two shots of espresso, 1 pump of caramel syrup, 1 pump apple syrup, and steamed milk in a 12 oz cup!  For a great taste infusion try steaming with the milk with syrups already incorporated!

The apple pie steamer is also a warm sweet treat that even kids will love!  Just add 2 pumps of apple syrup and 1 pump of cinnamon syrup to steamed milk, garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon, and enjoy this perfectly crafted 12 oz fall beverage!

Last but not least, another fall favorite is always what we like to call, “chaider”:  the perfect combination of apple cider and chai tea!  Based on the type of chai and cider you serve this recipe could vary a bit, but the goal is to have half chai and half cider – adding 1 to 2 pumps of apple syrup for that extra flavor punch – and steaming!

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Apple “Chai-der”

So it’s inevitable… summer will soon be long gone. While this may bring the end of some traditional summertime drinks, it opens a door for new recipes, and it’s also an excuse to just be creative! Earlier this week, I got ahold of some fresh apple cider, and I was eager to hit the demo room so see what I could come up with! While some concoctions turned out better than others, there were a few that I was very impressed with. Apple cider naturally has a zesty taste to it that can be used to your advantage while creating a new drink for you menu.

One of my favorite drinks is what we here at Stockton Graham & Co. like to call “chai-der”. The name says it all… just combine chai and some apple cider, and you have a surprisingly tasty beverage. The spices between the two mix well and really hit the spot on a cold fall morning. Chai-der can also be made with apple and caramel syrup instead of apple cider if cider is not one of your in-stock ingredients.

– Liquid or Powdered Chai
– Apple Cider

Stir equal parts chai and cider together, place whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon on top and serve.

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