Celebrating August Anniversaries!


Cameron came to Stockton Graham & Co. with very little coffee experience. Due to his hardwork, enthusiasm and willingness to learn, he quickly moved from working in shipping and receiving to his current position as First Assistant Roaster In Training. He is familiar with all the aspects that go into the nuances in a cup of specialty coffee and is passionate about bringing out the best of each varietal we offer.


Cameron now assists in everything from cupping, to roasting, to even developing flavor profiles and is always excited to know more about our coffees. He also helps preform routine maintenance on the roasters to prevent major breakdowns.

“From the first cupping, his desire to learn more about coffee apparent and contagious to all around him. Not only did he demonstrate an aptitude to detecting flavor profile nuances in the cup, he has the personal desire to explore coffee and its capabilities to the fullest. I have been impressed at how he is taken self-initiative to learn more about coffee, roasting, cupping and brewing upon his own and sharing his quest and what he has learned with other team members. I look forward to what he will learn and teach me and the rest of the team as he explores specialty coffee even more.” – Jeff Vojta

“It has been a pleasure to work with Cameron for the past year. His enthusiasm he brings to the table and his quest for learning have been valuable to him, and to us. He has taken over several responsibilities in production and is on his way to learning the ins and outs at the cupping table. We look forward to working with him for many years to STG513-ID-stickercome. ” -Brandon Riggs

Celebrating May Anniversaries

In honor of Stockton Graham & Co.’s 20th year in business, we have been celebrating important dates for the company. This May, we are celebrating two pivotal Stockton Graham & Co. team members’ anniversaries, Jeff Vojta and Robbie Oakley.

polaroid-jeffJeff Vojta is celebrating 20 years in the coffee industry! Being a part of this business since 1994, Jeff has served in many roles including, barista, coffee shop owner, roaster, delivery driver, green coffee buyer and trainer. His love for coffee lead him to start a coffee shop, “Classic Coffees” and the rest is Stockton Graham & Co. history. He started roasting his own coffees and selling to the local area and now serves as our CEO.


Jeff has traveled the world looking for great coffee and speaking on specialty coffee, including a trip to Dubai and Nicaragua. He loves learning about the different cultures involved in coffee growing as he travels and trying all the local cuisine along the way.

“This month represents twenty years of our company being in existence, and I have had the privilege of being present twelve of those years.  I first met Jeff on a buying trip in Costa Rica, and could see the passion and excitement he had not only for his company, but also for the relationships that connected his business to specialty coffee. There are far too many examples to relate as to what I have learned from Jeff, but perhaps the biggest thing is that one should never stop learning in this industry.  Specialty coffee is his passion, and while I was not here during our company’s infancy with the retail locations, the success of Stockton Graham & Co. is a testament to what Jeff built in those early days.  Here is to twenty more years, Jeff!  We are all honored to be part of this amazing team of professionals.” – Brandon Riggs, Director of Coffee

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff since we designed the logo and corporate identity for Classic Coffees Roasting Company in 1997. He’s helped me through a lot both professionally and personally throughout the years, and has given me and my staff a lot of great opportunities to do fun, creative work from helping to name the company in the early days, to the new positioning and branding with cut paper graphics. I am thankful to have Stockton Graham & Co. as a client and Jeff as a friend, and I admire his big heart and big ideas!” – Wendy Coulter, CEO – Hummingbird Creative Group


Robbie OakleyThis May marks Robbie Oakley’s 2nd year at Stockton Graham & Co.! Starting with us in 2012, Robbie handles many tasks in the warehouse throughout the day. He considers himself responsible for accurately picking and packing each customer’s order and ensuring that it arrives in a timely and intact manner. His genuine concern for the customer makes Robbie a great member of our team. Robbie is a great worker and leader and we are glad to have him as part of our team!

“While Robbie has only been with Stockton Graham & Co. for two years, he has become an indispensable member of our team. Not only does he work hard to ensure customer orders are sent out on time and correct, he helps to build team work and spirit in the back with creative team building events.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO

“Robbie’s dedication to our customers is evident in how he has transformed our shipping/receiving department.  He has implemented several new ideas to ensure customer orders are processed and shipped correctly, and is an integral part of our warehouse team as the leader.  His vast background knowledge of deadlines and time sensitive projects has added new dimensions to our capabilities.  His creative nature and leadership inspire everyone here at Stockton Graham & Co.” -Brandon Riggs, Director of Coffee

Thank you both for your hard work!

Our 20th Year In Business:
Celebrating Employee Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary Brad and Debra!

We are celebrating our 20th year in the business of coffee by spotlighting employee anniversaries!

Stockton Graham & Co. Brad, our Head Roaster, wears many hats, and has a hand in everything from roasting and equipment maintenance, to ensuring our shipping is running smoothly. After starting in our warehouse in 2003, Brad’s role at Stockton Graham & Co. quickly expanded to coffee roasting and coffee education. He now holds the title of Head Roaster and has been an integral part of our growth. Brad keeps all of our production equipment operating efficiently, and teaches Stockton Graham & Co.’s Coffee College class on Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance. Kirby also travels the world with Brandon Riggs, our Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer, visiting coffee farms to learn more about the growing process and what it takes to cultivate the great coffees he roasts.

“Working alongside Brad for over 11 years has been a learning experience for us both and an honor for me.  I admire his hard work, dedication to and knowledge of coffee, among many other things.  His dedication to coffee excellence and expanding his and everyone else’s knowledge of coffee is a key part of our success and growth.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO

“Brad is an integral part of our coffee philosophy here at Stockton Graham & Co.  His knowledge and passion for our coffee has blossomed over the years and his competence at the cupping table is a tremendous asset.  His work ethic and dedication to our customers is unsurpassed, and his ability to switch roles when needed is effortless.  I am looking forward to working alongside Brad for many more years.” – Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer

Debra Dolan - Bio

Our Director of Business Development for the Northeast Region, Debra Dolan, has been in the specialty coffee industry since 2000. Dolan is celebrating her second year at Stockton Graham & Co. Debra has done everything from owning a coffee shop to directing a specialty coffee division at a food center. She uses her experience, skills and knowledge to go above and beyond for our customers.

Debra joined our team in 2012, bringing with her ten plus years of experience in specialty coffee. Dolan began her career as a specialty coffee business owner in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Stockton Graham & Co., she worked as a Director of Specialty Coffee and a Sales Representative. Debra is very experienced in the specialty coffee world with certificates from the SCAA, BGA, and Stockton Graham & Co. Most recently, she was chosen to serve as a judge at the 2013 Coffee Fest America’s Best Coffeehouse competition in New York City. Debra teaches some of our Coffee College classes; Brewing Fundamentals, Specialty Beverage Basics and Espresso Basics.

“Debbie is a tremendous asset to Stockton Graham & Co., our customers and to me.  She has unsurpassed coffee and café industry knowledge.  She has a desire and will work hard to find solutions to unique customer problems and opportunities so we all grow and prosper. Her enthusiasm on finding solutions and working with our customers is contagious to all and makes both us and our customers strive for higher levels of coffee excellence.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO

“Debbie is an amazing presence for our company.  With her vast history of how coffee shops function, the business of knowing the right products for the right customers, and keeping up with all the trends in the marketplace she has proven herself to be a valuable asset. She is easy to speak with, passionate about great customer service and an ability to decipher what the needs of her customers are. Debbie is an amazing person, and friend.” – Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer

The whole team would like to congratulate and thank you both for your valuable service!

Celebrating Anniversaries in February

This month we celebrate two Stockton Graham & Co. associates’ anniversaries. The first is Katie Barnes, a Customer Care Associate who has been assisting customers with their orders and choosing new products to help build their sales and success for one year. The second is Steve May of our Accounting and Finance Group, who has been helping us and our customers process their orders, making sure we have the right onerous sales and use tax forms, and assisting with a variety of other activities for nine years. We are honored to have each of them involved with Stockton Graham & Co. and our customers.

Katie BarnesKatie started her coffee career several years ago as a barista while in high school and then college for one of our local customers. She eventually bought out the multi-location shops and operated them as her own for a number of years before selling them and joining us.

“It is an honor to have a long-term customer decide they would like to work for you and all of our customers.”
~Jeff Vojta, President and co-founder

“Katie has been a great resource for our customers. She uses her real-world experience to advise our customers about our products and how to promote them effectively.  She understands both the art and business of coffee.”
~Thom Swain, Director of Southeast Business Development

Steve MaySteve May came to us as an accounting assistant, first as a contract employee, and then full-time. His initial role was to assist Cliff Albright, who was serving as our controller at the time, on routine accounting tasks.  However, as our trust in Steve has grown and he has gained greater knowledge on our operations, our industry and our customers, he has steadily become one of our most trusted colleagues.  He has attended coffee conferences, visited some of our producers at origin, and been a key factor for our continued success as a company, providing our customers with great coffees and superior industry knowledge.

“Steve’s insight and experience service as an integral part of our management team, along with me, Cliff and Brandon, our roastmaster.  During the past 9 years, we have come to know Steve and his wife, and now his young son as more than colleagues, but friends and a part of our extended Stockton Graham & Co. family.”
~Jeff Vojta, President and co-founder

“Steve has been instrumental in helping Stockton Graham &Co. grow and serve our customers. I know that our finance and accounting operations run smoothly with him, and that has enabled me and the company to add more products and services for our customers.”
~Cliff Albright, shareholder and COO