Why does a coffee shop need syrups, sauces and specialty beverages?

SGC-COFFEE-collegeThe coffee industry is at an exciting place these days. Coffee quality is reaching new heights as communications between roasters, brokers and farmers strengthens. Average consumers are equipped with knowledge and they are excited about coffee and its appreciation. Apart from coffee rust and other environmental factors that threaten it, the future of the industry is looking great, as demand for high-quality, ethically sourced coffee is growing.

Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we often debate the “right” way to do coffee, from offering single origins as pour overs or espressos, to dressing up a blend with flavored syrups and milk. While many of our coffee geeks here would love to make our excellent coffees the only thing we blog about, sample or offer, that wouldn’t serve our customers. The surprising thing about coffee is that most people are introduced to it either as a dressed up beverage, complete with flavorings and topped with whipped cream, or as a cup of low-quality coffee out of can in a dorm room. Very rarely are people introduced to coffee at the specialty coffee level in a high-end shop. A coffee palate is usually developed with practice and appreciation is usually honed over many years.

SGC-equipmentThe reality of the current market is that while coffee consumers are becoming more aware of what true specialty coffee is, it still can be rather intimidating to the novice drinker. That is where syrups, sauces and specialty beverages come in; giving a new customer a place to be comfortable while they are beginning their own coffee journey. Having a diverse menu that includes a variety of popular specialty coffees the general public can enjoy welcomes them in to the coffee industry. These drinks are often the first introduction people have to coffee, and though it is tempting to focus on the cutting-edge trends, we can’t forget that many people are still learning the basics. Our job as a coffee roaster and specialty beverage distributor is to help our customers educate and guide those just beginning their specialty coffee journey.

At Stockton Graham & Co., we try to remember that there are always customers that are being introduced to coffee for the first time. We think that it is important to have menu options that cater to those new to coffee, as well as the experienced coffee drinker. We have a deep selection of some of the best sauces and syrups available to enable our customers to better serve their customers along with a wide variety of coffee to satisfy the experienced drinkers.

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