Sulawesi Single Origin Coffee is Available!

sulawesi-beanStockton Graham & Co. is pleased to have delicious Sulawesi Toraja back in stock and available to order! Due to a smaller than usual crop last season, this coffee was unavailable to us for a year. We recently received our first shipment from the October through December harvest period! Our Roastmaster, Brandon Riggs, compares Sulawesi to Sumatra, “It’s not as chocolaty as Sumatra, but it’s almost as if they are cousins. Sulawesi is roasted a bit lighter than the Sumatra.” Our Roasters are looking forward to incorporating this new varietal into more blends, because it works so well with other coffees.  We believe this is a stock we will have all year, so you can expect it to be available!

This Sulawesi comes from the Toraja region, offering you a great quality cup of coffee. Sulawesi is an island that is part of the nation of Indonesia. Sulawesi coffee fits well within the confines of traditional Indonesian coffee with its chocolate and earthy tones, and its soft acidic notes. What is unique to Sulawesi coffee is a spicy aftertaste.

Call your Customer Care Associate today at 800 835 5943, to get samples of Sulawesi or any of our delicious coffees!

Cupping Attributes:
AROMA: Spicy – Peppery
BODY: Heavy – Smooth
FLAVOR: Citrus, Bright, Sweet, Balanced
ACIDITY: Dry – Subtly Tangy
AFTERTASTE: Complex, Spicy, Slightly Sweet