Specialty Beverage Basics

BLENDING-BookletWishing to cover all aspects of Specialty Beverage preparation? Stockton Graham & co. can customize any specialty beverage course for you. If you are looking for more information on preparing frappes, smoothies, chais, cocoas, tea, Italian sodas or more we can focus the class to suite your needs. It is important to create drinks with consistency so your guests have the same great drink every visit. This course, no matter what the focus, will teach you the importance of portion control to reduce waste. You will discuss menu options, costs and the best ways to market and sell your specialty beverages. Coffee shops run on more variety than coffee and espresso alone, so make sure you have the knowledge to offer top-notch drinks devoid of coffee.

Whether you use one of the many products you can purchase from Stockton Graham & Co. or you choose to construct your own hand made drinks, we can teach you all that you need to know. We’ll throw in a few of our most popular recipes, and you’ll leave the class ready to serve your customers any beverage they desire. We also have web videos and blogs with more information on constructing successful specialty beverage programs, so you are always learning and gaining new information.

To learn about and prepare a variety of specialty beverages
– Discuss price points, menus and sales approaches of these drinks.
– Understanding which offers are most beneficial to your shop.

Instructors: Thom Swain, Debra Dolan or Alex Jeans