Exploring Blends

exploring-blendsEver wonder why coffees are blended and how they interact with each other? This class will answer those questions, providing you with a more advanced understanding of this facet of specialty coffee. You will be able to taste and explore different blends we offer and create your own according to your taste and preferences. This is a class to take if you wish to create your own custom “house blend” or signature blend. Stockton Graham & Co. offers you a one-on-one experience to completely immerse yourself in the art of roasting, flavor and nuance.

This class will pierce the mystery of coffee blends. We’ll discuss the reasons for blending coffee and examine how the characteristics of specific coffee varietals influence each other. Understanding blends will help you share your expertise with your customers. Knowledge combined with your passion for specialty coffee is what will inspire them to drive past your competition to your store.

– Discuss reasons for and methods of blending coffees.
– Cup several blends to taste how coffees affect each other.
– Design and cup your own signature blend using the principles you’ve learned.

Instructor: Brandon Riggs