Cupping For Coffee Shop Owners

cuppingforownersAttendees will learn to cup coffees, as well as how to identify the characteristics and nuances of the coffee. The more you know about the coffees you serve, the better you can apply knowledge to what and how you serve your customers. Sampling your coffees regularly is a great way to maintain quality, train your staff and educate your customers. This class will also teach you how to run a cupping event in your own shop.

Cupping coffees is an art that is best learned through experience and practice. The best ways to continue your education after this course is to cup as many different coffees as you can. Cupping builds community, inspires loyal customers, establishes your coffee expertise and raise your employees skill. Exploring coffee options will teach you more about the aromas, acidity, body, flavor and aftertastes of coffees, and help you select the best options for your customers.

We also can come onsite to lead a cupping in your shop. Call 800.835.5943 for more details.

– Review coffee’s sensory characteristics and calibrate your senses.
– Learn the tools, procedure and etiquette of the cupping ritual.
– Discover variations of cuppings to suit your shop’s offerings and clientele.

Instructor: Brandon Riggs