Coffee & Espresso Basics (Coffee College 101)

2015_Final_Coffee and Espresso BasicsAttendees of Coffee and Espresso Basics (also known as Coffee College 101), not only get a first-hand look into roasting coffee, but they also learn the journey of the bean from seed-to-cup. Attendees will learn to cup coffees, as well as how to identify the characteristics and nuances of the coffee. Attendees also learn espresso basics, different brewing techniques and other coffee brewing fundamentals that enable them to consistently prepare and serve coffee at the highest level, enabling a customer to experience the same tasting and quality beverage, no matter which of your staff hand crafts it.

The brewing standards that are the basis of our trainings, applied in the coffee brewing and extraction processes, come from The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We teach you to uphold and exceed these standards to brew a perfect cup of coffee, or pull an expert espresso shot.  When exploring espresso preparation, the attendee will learn the best way to pull a shot and use it for preparing different types of drinks.

At its root, specialty coffee is based on quality. Creating quality drinks and explaining their merits to your customers takes a lot of knowledge and practice. This class is designed to provide you with a broad range of theory and practical experience to give you a solid base on which to build your specialty coffee education.

– Learn about the cultivation and processing of coffee.
– Evaluate the sensory characteristics of coffee.
– Perform basic drink preparation (espresso extraction, steaming & frothing milk, etc.).

Instructors: Brad Kirby, Debra Dolan or Alex Jeans