Coffee Brewing Fundamentals

2015_Final_Brewing Fundamentals BookletIn the long journey from seed-to-cup, the brewing process is the most crucial step. Your beans may be grown with the greatest care and roasted to the peak of flavor, but improper brewing can make even the best coffee undrinkable. This class will train you in the delicate science of coffee brewing. Your ability to understand and control the variables that affect the flavor of your brew will ultimately define your coffee shop! Brewing Fundamentals will ensure that your knowledge is at its highest degree, and continuing to experience and experiment afterwards will only improve your overall understanding of how to brew the best coffee possible.

The brewing standards that are the basis of our trainings, applied in the coffee brewing and extraction processes, come from The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We teach you to uphold and exceed these standards to brew a perfect cup of coffee, or pull an expert espresso shot.  When exploring espresso preparation, the attendee will learn the best way to pull a shot and use it for preparing different types of drinks.

– Understand the underlying principles of extraction common to all brewing methods.
– Learn to manipulate the factors that affect taste.
– Measure and taste the balance of extraction in brewed coffee.
– Master the elements of good brewing.

Instructors: Thom Swain or Debra Dolan