Cafe Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

matienanceThe quality of your drinks depends on the cleanliness and proper operation of your equipment, whether you serve 200 cappuccinos a day or brew one pot of drip coffee in the morning. This class will teach you how to perform basic preventative maintenance and regular cleaning on common brewing equipment. This class will also alert you to some of the more common issues with your machines and the best ways to fix them, as well as understanding when to call in a professional.

Our instructor is a factory trained technician for La Marzocco, Franke, Astoria, Rancilio and Fetco, but has experience with many other coffee equipment brands. Whether you are looking into the care of your espresso machine, grinder, blender or brewer, this course will teach you the preventative measures to keep your equipment in great shape.

– Learn the basic components and functions of modern brewing equipment.
– Review the history of standard espresso machines, coffee & tea brewers, and grinders.
– Analyze the importance of water softening and filtration.
– Perform practical, hands-on maintenance procedures on an espresso machine, grinder, etc.

Instructor: Brad Kirby