Bulk & Packaged Specialty Coffees

SGC-Bulk-CoffeeWhole bean sales have the potential to dramatically increase your total sales, yet ironically it remains one of the most underrated and missed opportunities by many specialty coffee retailers. One of the most common misconceptions, when it comes to selling retail coffee, is that it is encouraging customers to stay at home and not come into your shop. Of the 300 million cups of coffee Americans drink each day, about three quarters are brewed at home. If customers are inevitably going to drink someone’s coffee at home, shouldn’t it be yours? Retail whole bean programs can yield anywhere from $900-$4000 per month in whole bean sales alone for your shop. And, a successful retail program can also increase customer loyalty to your shop, as it increases your brand awareness when they are at home!

A successful retail program does not require a lot of extra time, work or marketing. A simple countertop or shelf display will draw the attention of your customers and have them asking questions in no time! Start small, with a few choices (perhaps your house blend, a popular flavor and a favorable single origin).

Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we supply all of our coffees in six count cases of either 12oz. or 16oz. retail packaged bags. Our packaging options enable you to increase shop efficiencies and capture additional sales by allowing guests to take your signature coffees home. We can also private label your coffee to reinforce your brand and further establish your shop as a destination for great coffee.

Bulk Coffee
High Quality – Custom Roasted – Consistently Fresh
• suitable for foodservice and coffee shop applications
• exclusively “roast-to-order”
• 5 lb. packaging standard
• customizable packaging sizes from 2 lbs. – 40 lbs.

Packaged Retail Coffee
Boost Product Recognition – Increase Sales – Build Brand Awareness
• suitable for grocery, supermarket and specialty retail environments
• order whole bean or ground
• stock label and private label options
• 12 oz. packaging standard
• customizable packaging sizes from 2 oz. – 16 oz.

Portion Pack Coffee
No Measuring – No Dosing – No Grinding
• suitable for office, hospitality, convenience store and institutional use
• pre-ground/sized specifically for your specified brewing equipment
• stock label and private label options
• packaged in a variety of sizes for different brewing systems
• customized packaging and sizes are available

Batch 0995 Stockton Graham & Co.Batch 995 is our portion pack coffee uniquely designed for restaurants, hotels, bars and other foodservice operations. Batch 0995 is artisanal coffee. It starts with high quality 100% Arabica beans, craft roasted in small batches to achieve the fullest flavor. Click here for more on coffee programs featuring Batch 0995 craft roasted coffee.

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