Coffee Brewing Tips

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Brew Style Coffee & Water Grind Brewing Notes & Tips
Commercial Drip 180g coffee/64 oz water Medium N/A
Cold Brew/Toddy 454g coffee/64 oz water Coarse Steep in refrigerator for 12-24 hrs
French Press 48g/ 8 Tbsp coffee

800g/ 28 oz water

Medium Coarse Pour water in a spiral motion, steep   4 – 5 mins, Press slowly
Siphon 34g coffee/ 2.25 Tbsp

600g/ 20 oz water

Medium Fine Steep for 1-2 mins before vacuuming
Manual Dripper

(Hario, Kalita Wave, Beehouse)

24g/ 4 Tbsp coffee

400g/ 14 oz water

Medium Fine Bloom for 30 secs, Pour carefully in a spiral motion for up to 4 mins
Clever Drip 24g /4 Tbsp coffee

400g/14 oz water

Medium Bloom for 30 secs, Pour carefully for up to 4 mins
Aero Press 33g coffee/ 2.25 Tbsp

113g/ 4 oz water

Fine Add water in a spiraling motion. Steep up to 50 secs Then press for 20 secs
Chemex 36g/ 6 Tbsp coffee

600g/ 21 oz water

Medium Bloom for 30 secs, Pour carefully in a spiral motion for up to 4 mins

Coffee Brewing Tips: Water Temperature
Optimal water temperatures is 195F-205F and best measured using a thermometer. If one is not available, then take the water off the heat just before it starts to boil.

Coffee Brewing Tips: Grind Descriptions Coffee Brewing Tips
Fine – Beach sand consistency, should not clump
Medium Fine – Slightly more coarse than sand
Medium (general purpose) – Sandbox sand consistency, should not clump
Medium Coarse – Slightly coarser than medium
Coarse – Builders’ sand consistency, no clumping

Coffee Brewing Tips: Coffee to Water Ratios
Formula: 3.3 – 4.3 oz Coffee to 64 oz Water or 60 – 70 g Coffee to 1 L Water

Dispenser Size Water Amount of Coffee to Use
1.90 L 64 oz 3.3 oz – 4.3 oz
2.50 L 84 oz 4.3 oz – 5.6 oz
3.00 L 101 oz 5.1 oz – 6.7 oz
1.00 gal 128 oz 6.5 oz – 8.5 oz
1.50 gal 192 oz 9.8 oz – 12.8 oz
3.00 gal 384 oz 19.5 oz – 25.5 oz
  • Total brew time should be between 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Coffee should brew between 195°F – 205°F.
  • Grind coffee on “drip” setting.
  • Grind must be appropriate for the brewer used and brew times.