Stockton Graham & Co. ® Selected as Launch Distributor in the Southeast of Barista Fria Smoothies and Frappes

Barista Fria Ice Shaver Blender System

Barista Fria Ice Shaver Blender System

Stockton Graham & Co. ®, has introduced a new smoothie and frappe line by Barista Fria.

Barista Fria is a shelf stable fruit smoothie and frappe mix developed by Island Oasis. With over 25 years of frozen beverage products and blending technology, Island Oasis developed Barista Fria for the specialty coffee and beverage industry. Like Island Oasis, Barista Fria is a complete program of a Blending Shaver system and product enhanced by an array of point of sale materials and recipe ideas. Barista Fria is utilizing specialty coffee roasters and distributors to work with the specialty coffee retailer and other specialty stores offering hand crafted beverages. Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to be among their launch distributors.

“Barista Fria is a product line that we have evaluated extensively, tested with our customers and had numerous meetings with the company representatives,” said Jeff Vojta, President of Stockton Graham & Co. “One of the unique aspects of being a specialty coffee and beverage retailer is to be able to offer our customers’ guests an individually made to order, customized drink that is as unique as the guest. We believe that the Barista Fria line will help to fill a niche in the market place and offer our customers additional ways to increase their business and profits.”

Barista Fria is packaged in aseptic ready to use cartons, with no corn syrups, trans fats, preservatives and has a one year shelf life at room temperature and unopened. Product flavors include strawberry, banana, mango, wild berry, pina colada, caramel latte, mocha latte, ice cream base and chocolate ice cream base, with Non-Fat yogurt and chai flavors coming soon. Barista Fria also offers a cutting edge, no money-down equipment program for retailers including a newly designed state of the art, electronic controlled ice shaver, blender system.

For more information on how to serve up Barista Fria in your coffeehouse, café or specialty retail store, contact Stockton Graham & Co. at 800.835.5943.

Barista Fria