Stockton Graham & Co. offering a new Brazil single origin!

We are now offering a new Brazil single origin coffee: the Alta Mogiana  (click here to download a PDF).

Our Brazil Alta Mogiana was chosen from the Fazenda Sao Francisco farm. The coffee was selected over numerous alternatives in favor of its unique complexion.

The Alta Mogiana region lies at the southern tip of the Espinhaço Mountain Range just north of São Paulo, where more than 400 species of reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians rely on this region’s lush rainforest for habitat.

Coffee that originates here is almost always associated with the Cooperativa de Caficultores e Agropecuarists (Cooperative of Coffee Cultivators & Cattle Ranchers), which was established in 1985 in order to protect and organize small farmers and ranchers in the region. The movement also helped farmers in the region compete in a global market. Alta Mogiana coffee has been cultivated and exported for hundreds of years, but the initial development of the region can be attributed to the advent of the railroad which reached the area in 1872.

Fazenda Sao Francisco is owned by Nilton Messias de Almeida Jr., whose parents started the farm. Since Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, there are any varieties to choose from. What makes this farm different is the extra care given to natural processing of the beans. They really sort out the beans and deliver only the highest quality of bean.

The best beans really add to the complexity of the coffees flavor. This is a very approachable and well-rounded coffee that can be appreciated by even the novice coffee consumer.