Stockton Graham & Co. Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Stockton Graham & Co., working with affiliated company Java Ventures, LLC, is working with Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. of Cary, NC to upgrade the lighting for SGC’s Raleigh facility.

Working with Progress Energy of North Carolina’s Business Energy Efficiency Program, SGC will replace existing T12 fluorescent fixtures with newer, more efficient T8 fluorescent lighting to yield more light with less power.

An energy audit prepared by Hi-Lite estimates that we will reduce our electrical usage for lighting by nearly 70%.  Annual CO2 reductions will be 89 thousand pounds per year which is estimated to add over 11 acres of forest or akin to removing 8 cars per year from the road.  Additionally, the audit estimates SGC will avoid burning nearly 19 tons of coal and prevent over 300 pounds per year of sulfur dioxide and over 171 pounds per year of nitric oxide from entering the atmosphere.

Jeff Vojta
Stockton Graham & Co.