Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee Brands Offer More Choices to Coffeehouses and Cafes

Stockton Graham & Co. has provided high-quality, custom-roasted coffees, gourmet teas, specialty beverages and beverage products along with turnkey services and education to the United States coffee industry for over 15 years. As our organization expands, so does our menu and services. Most of our customers are in search of a great coffee selection, but some are also looking for customized blends and unique varietals, while others focus more on environmentally sustainable coffees. There is a broad range of needs that must be met, and in order to fully cater to every type of coffee customer, Stockton Graham & Co. is now offering Stockton Graham Coffees, NCompass Coffees and Stockton’s Reserve Coffees to satisfy three distinct categories of coffee consumers.

“No matter what your coffee needs, selecting a roaster can be a daunting task,” says Jeff Vojta, President and Co-founder of Stockton Graham & Co. “Our goal is to eliminate that challenge for our customers by offering a complete family of coffees sure to suit their individual needs. Whether you
are an urban espresso bar searching for that custom house blend or a quaint bookstore looking for a quality specialty coffee at a price that fits your budget, one of these brands is sure meet your operational needs and exceed your customer’s expectations.”

Stockton Graham Coffees are Roast-to-order Specialty Coffees that are ideal for independent coffee houses, cafes and specialty food markets demanding quality and freshness. Our wide variety of selection represents the top percentage of specialty grades from growing regions throughout the world. Stockton Graham Coffees offer not just quality single-origins, blends, espresso and flavors, but an experience for your customers to carry with them throughout their day. Because we pride ourselves on freshness, these hand-crafted beans are roasted to order and can be shipped to you within one business day. Do you want to tell your customers they are getting a cup they can’t get anywhere else? You can work closely with our Roastmaster to develop an Original House Blend, custom roast level or flavor tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Stockton Graham Coffees provide many options to diversify your menu and expand your business horizons.

In an effort to offer you great tasting coffees that your customers can enjoy now and for many years to come, we are also proud to offer NCompass Sustainable Specialty Coffees. These are roast-to-order “sustainable coffees” that are certified or verified by an accredited third party as organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, shade grown and more. These classifications are used to determine the participation of coffee growers in various combinations of social, environmental and economic programs. NCompass coffees represent our commitment to these program standards and our desire to ensure that the specialty coffee farms we buy from, and their great coffees, will be around for future generations to enjoy. Your customers can feel good that their purchase of a cup of NCompass coffee will support a healthy environment and enhance the worldwide ecosystem.

Our Roastmaster and green coffee buyers are on a constant quest to find you the perfect coffee, and on journeys to coffee farms overseas they often stumble upon rare micro-lots of Stockton’s Reserve, Distinctive Limited Edition Specialty Coffees found in the most unlikely of places. Stockton’s Reserve coffees are so special that their presence and quantities are limited. Their serendipity is our reward! Stockton’s Reserve represents the most distinctive of specialty grade coffee available the world over, roasted to order to provide your guests with a unique experience that will keep customers coming back. Reserve coffees are available in smaller batches through our established relationships with individual farms and auction lots in various growing regions. Offering Stockton’s Reserve coffees in your shop will truly distinguish you from your competition.

These new brands were developed to help customers customize a coffee program to meet their guests’ ideals. Customers who seek environmentally friendly or extremely rare coffees are now able to sort through our offerings very easily, and our roasters have focused their efforts accordingly. We hope that our market specialization will enhance our ability to bring our customers a unique and valuable product in a more convenient way.