Stockton Graham & Co. and Big Train Introduce New Smoothie Ideas!

Customers are always looking for something new and improved, and smoothie customers have had their fair share of the cheap smoothie blues. Luckily, while many of the large chains were bombarding the market with strawberry lemonade and coconut mocha, Big Train was cooking up some, high quality versions of the recipes that your customers require. Along with some specially developed marketing materials and posters, we hope that these new recipes will help your coffee shop compete at a higher level than the major chains.
Big Train has put coconut mocha and strawberry lemonade smoothies at the forefront of their advertising campaign. Using many of the same ingredients that you may already have, you can create a higher quality smoothie program without investing lots of money on advertising. Posters, sampling cups & recipe cards among many other marketing materials are at your disposal, free of charge. This leaves you with time to focus on the part that really matters, quality. Toppings, fresh fruit slices & personal touch will put you on top. At the end of the day, quality will bring customers away from the faster, albeit less personal competition.

The foundation of this smoothie program is naturally the Big Train Fruit Tea Blast product line, of which coconut, strawberry & lemonade are featured. Utilizing Stockton Graham & Co.’s mix and match style ordering, you can order one case containing each of these flavors as a way to launch the program. Even the best ideas don’t work everywhere, so take advantage of our low order minimums and test this smoothie program in your shop to see if it will keep your customers coming back.

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