Smoothies & Frappes

Frozen, iced and fruit blended drinks are one of the fastest growing drink categories for US based coffee houses and specialty drink retailers.  To enable our customers to offer a variety of menu choices in this category to enhance and complement their specialty coffee selections, we offer the top selling brands of natural fruit purees, powdered and liquid base mixes, ready to blend powdered and liquid frappe and smoothie mixes, and specialty tea mixes all of which are easy to use in blenders and come in shelf-stable packaging.

 bigtrain-1 Big Train®: Base Mixes, Smoothies, Supplements & Soft Serve
If you’re looking for a huge selection of specialty frappe flavors, Big Train has you covered. Their Blended Ice Coffees come in 19 flavors, and all are ready to blend with coffee included (or add your own). Their Blended Crème line provides a coffee-free option, too. The excellent Vanilla Bean flavor works great as a base for all kinds of drinks. For smoothies, their Fruit Tea Smoothie Blasts combine green tea with real fruit & juice with no high-fructose corn syrup. Just add ice and water to serve flavors like Pomegranate Blueberry and Passion Orange Guava! Big Train Real Fruit Smoothies are full of real fruit with less calories and sugar than many other leading brands.
 dr.smoothie-weblogo Dr. Smoothie®: Base Mixes, Smoothies & Supplements
Dr. Smoothie’s real fruit concentrates are some of the finest shelf-stable smoothie mixes available. They’re pasteurized whole fruit purées with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. And their 100% Crushed Fruit line takes it a step further with no added sugar—the only sweetener is all-natural fruit juices. To make the most of Dr. Smoothie’s nutritiousness, add in some of their powdered nutrient complements like whey protein, gingko biloba, spirulina, and many more.
 torani Torani®: Smoothies
Give your customers the fresh flavor of real fruit they’re thirsting for with Torani Real Fruit Smoothie Mix. With nine pour-and-blend options—each of which offers straight-from-the-orchard taste and 300-360 calories per 16-oz. serving—these are real, healthful smoothies that couldn’t be easier to use.
   2008 Monin Gourmet Logo web Monin®: Smoothies
Only Monin offers a lineup of five great tasting natural Fruit Smoothie Mixes: Mango, Peach, Wildberry, Strawberry Banana and Strawberry. Just pour over ice, blend and serve! Made from only the finest, natural ingredients, they deliver a fresh and great tasting frozen smoothie. Available in 46 oz. size for easy handling and storage, Monin assures no artificial flavor, color or preservatives. The blender ready mix is also diary and gluten free to serve a wide variety of customers!
 Ghir_Logo Ghirardelli: Frappes
Designed specifically for specialty coffee retailers, the rich flavor of Ghirardelli Frappe is recognized by professionals and consumers as the premium choice for iced blended beverages. Containing real coffee, Ghirardelli’s Frappe Mix is the perfect base for convenient and indulgent iced blended mochas. It is formulated with dairy to provide a creamy flavor whether adding water or milk, and will not separate after blending.