SGC 2009 Holiday & New Year Schedule

A great cup of coffee can help you navigate the end of year rush and slow things down just enough.  Between the holidays, visits with family & friends, indulging in your favorite holiday treats, & shopping for gifts at your local coffee shop or online at, it’s easy to lose track of those important to-do items.  Before that happens, I wanted to remind you of Stockton Graham’s Holiday Schedule for 2009 and New Year’s 2010.  Be sure to order in advance before you run out of your customer’s favorite flavors to allow for additional days in transit.

Stockton Graham & Co 2009 Holiday Schedule


Thursday, Dec 24 – SGC Closed.  FedEx Ground/Home will deliver.

Friday, Dec 25 – SGC Closed. No pickups or FedEx Ground/Home shipments or deliveries.

Saturday, Dec 26 – SGC Closed. No FedEx Ground/Home Delivery deliveries.

New Year’s 2010

Thursday, Dec 31 – SGC Open. FedEx Ground/Home Delivery will deliver.

Friday, Jan 1 – SGC Closed. No FedEx Ground/Home Delivery deliveries.

Saturday, Jan 2 – SGC Closed.  Only FedEx Home Delivery will deliver.  No FedEx Ground shipments or deliveries.

Please call our office at 1-800-835-5943 or visit to calculate your order’s days in transit from zip code 27612.

Happy Holidays,

Steven May