Save up to $18 a case on Jet Arctic Lemonade, Margarita and DaVinci Single Origin Naturals Syrup!

Temperatures are still up, and we’re offering some great specials to cool your customers down with frozen drinks featuring Jet Frozen Beverage Mixes and DaVinci Gourmet Single Origin Naturals Syrups! We suggest mixing Jet Arctic Lemonade with the DaVinci Pacific Northwest Raspberry Syrup. Just add 3 pumps of syrup prior to blending to make a 12 oz drink. With the Raspberry syrup, the drink becomes a sweet and sour combination to rival any strawberry/lemonade frozen drink. Also add the raspberry syrup to Jet Margarita for a refreshing summer drink!  Give your customers something new and interesting to keep them coming back!

Save on Jet’s Arctic Lemonade and Margarita Frozen Drink Mix Flavors with Stockton Graham & Co.  We are offering this great special to end out the summer season:

$12 off a case or $2 off a 64oz carton after mail in rebate.
$6 instant savings a case!

 That’s up to $18 dollars off a case of this summer staple!

Don’t forget to add syrups to your frozen drinks! DaVinci Gourmet Single Origin Naturals has a promotion as well!

$12 off a case or $1 dollar off a bottle after mail in rebate.
$6 instant savings a case!

Offers expire: Mail in rebates 12/31/2012, Instant savings 9/30/2012.
Don’t miss out on these savings, call us at 800.835.5943 today to place your order!

Jet Arctic Lemonade Rebate, Jet Margarita Rebate, DaVinci Naturals Syrup Rebate