Samples of NEW Big Train Flavors Available!

Big Train has two new blended crème frappè flavors that will be available soon! Stockton Graham & Co. will be offering New York Cheesecake and Root Beer Float to our customers before long, but Samples are available now! Just ask your CCA for some with your next order!

With the Cheesecake flavor, use it as a base to create customized cheesecake frappes with berries and other fruit, flavor syrups, chocolate, nuts, candy pieces…the possibilities are endless.

Anyone who enjoys a cold Root Beer Float will love the flavor of this specialty frappè! Root Beer Float was a HIT at Coffee Fest Chicago recently!

Here at Stockton Graham both flavors were enjoyed. The Root Beer Float frappè reminded many of the froth at the top of the classic beverage and the Cheesecake was sweet and compared to Cake Batter. Raspberry syrup was a nice garnish on the Cheesecake frappè, and we plan on tasting it with cherry, strawberry and blueberry syrups too!

Call Stockton Graham & Co.  at 1.800.835.5943 to learn more and get free samples today!