Put a lid on cold cup problems

Every coffee shop owner knows the importance of cups but they also know the problems that can come along with them. From mismatching lids, to the fragile plastic material, the cups can be more messy that than the drink itself. Thankfully enough, Stockton Graham & Co. has the solution once again. We are now proud to introduce to you our brand new, better than ever, cold cups from Dart.

The Dart Conex Clear Pro cups were designed to solve all of your cup issues from top to bottom. The cups are made from an eco-friendly polypropylene, which is a durable, crack-resistant material that will prevent any damages upon delivery or messy spills in your store. The cups were also designed to have a crystal clear finish, to show off all of your tasty beverages, so that the customers can do your advertising for you. The enhanced rim on the cup produces a snug and secure, leak-free fit for the lids, to eliminate lids popping off, which will reduce the wasting of your product as well as unhappy customers.

And perhaps the best feature of all is that Dart has designed a lid that will fit all three sizes. That’s right, sizes available in 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz now only require this one size fits all, dome and flat lid. This takes care of any mix-ups of grabbing the wrong size lids or trying to force wrong sized lids on to mismatching cups, helping to make serving your customers easier than ever before.

Here at Stockton Graham we want to help you and your business in as many ways as possible. We feel that the Dart Conex Clear Pro cups will allow you to cap off all of your cup worries, and help make things run a little bit smoother around the shop. From the material, to the convenience, this product cups it all. So if you have been experiencing problems with your cups, we recommend that you give this a try!

Matt Hogan
Stockton Graham & Co.