Push Your Retail Coffee this Holiday Season

There are only three ways to make more money in your café: Get more customers, get them to come back more often, and get them to buy more when they do come in. These days that is a tough proposition when some customers who used to order large flavored lattes now order iced espressos only to run to your condiment bar and fill the cup with milk or cream. One thing is for sure, if you do not try to sell more, you probably won’t.

An area that is a great opportunity is take-home coffee sales. Take-home coffee sales are one of the most underestimated segments within cafés, and coffee consumers are drinking coffee at home in higher numbers than ever before. So, how do you make sure they are drinking your coffee when they aren’t at your shop? Convince them to drink your coffee at home, at work or even on vacation, too.

Making this happen isn’t as hard at it may sound and with the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to plan out your strategy to maximize retail coffee sales. Here are some ideas that can help, and the best part is, it won’t cost you much money at all!

-Suggestive Selling: Make sure that you and your staff are asking customers if they would like some coffee to take-home to brew. Be prepared to give a five second blurb about why they should do that, such as, “You can’t get the same quality of coffee at the grocery store, so why not take home a bag today rather than suffer with that other stuff?” You’ve reinforced your quality positioning and made them think about how awful that canned coffee really is.

-BOGO: Buy One, Get One is a tactic that we’re all familiar with by now. Why not employ that at your store? You could offer a free cup of house brew if the customer would like to take home a bag of coffee. That only costs you a few cents, but now you’ve gained several dollars in profits. Maybe that coffee will be brewed and shared with someone who hasn’t yet visited your store.

-Impulse: Make sure that the coffee you’re featuring is easily obtained. Customers are more likely to buy if they can see, touch and smell a product. Be sure that you have some bags within reach of the register; this will greatly improve your chances of that upsell. Consider getting some nice bags and labels to really make the product stand out.

-Enthusiasm: Do it because it’s fun, not because your bottom line requires it. How often do you really get to stop and talk coffee? Here’s your chance to really show your passion! Show your staff how to exhibit that same passion. It’s a fact that customers buy more from happy people!

So, your sales are slumping, your ticket averages are down and costs are still climbing. Ads are expensive and people are coming in less and less. Upselling is but one solution, and take-home coffee sales are a gold mine. By happily and enthusiastically pushing take-home coffee with features and specials, you can capture more sales right now, at little or no cost. Get started now, before you allow even one more customer to walk out of your store knowing their next cup of coffee may come from a can.

All of our coffees are available in 12-oz bags. The bags are plain black foil with tin ties and feature basic labels. You may also request no labels if you’d like to use your own. They’re packaged 6 per case. These pre-measured bags free you up from needing a scale for weighing and selling your whole-bean coffee and look great on display.Give your customer care associate a call at (800) 835-5943 to plan your holiday offerings and to receive more tips on how to really push the take-home coffee in the coming months!