Proper Blender Maintenance from Stockton Graham & Co. & Big Train


Stockton Graham & Co. and Big Train want to make sure your shop is ready for summer frappe sales and your blender is a critical piece of that pie. Proper blender care and maintenance can prolong the life of your blender as well as improve your drink consistency and save you money. Here are some great tips to get ready for the blended season:

• Check your pitchers – Pitchers should not have spider cracks on either of the sides or have cracks at the bottom. Spider cracks in the pitcher could mean your quaternary ammonia levels are higher than 200ppm and cracks on the bottom allow the container to sit on the base differently potentially causing the drive socket and blade assembly to wear down quicker. If your containers are cracked, it is time to buy new ones.

• Check your blade assemblies – Hold the pitcher upside down under one arm and spin the clutch that is located at the bottom of the container. For Vita-Mix blenders, the blade assembly needs to be replaced if it does one of the following: spins more than 1-2 revolutions, keeps spinning, no longer has rigid teeth, contains a blackish/brownish oil-like substance beneath or can wiggle, the bearings are worn out. This is one of the benefits of a Vita-Mix blender; you can replace the blade assembly without replacing the entire pitcher.

• Check the Drive Socket – Look into the socket which is located on the top of the motor base. If the teeth/grooves are not rigid and clearly visible by touch, the socket needs to be changed.

-remove the container before the blades have stopped spinning or,
-put the container in the dishwasher.


If your blender cannot be refurbished or repaired, now is the time to bring in a new blender. Hanging on to one that’s clearly on it’s last leg can cost your dearly, especially if it decides to quit during 4th of July weekend. Luckily, VitaMix and Stockton Graham & Co. have your blender needs covered! These commercial VitaMix® blenders have been designed to blend luscious, mouthwatering frappes and delectable smoothies consistently drink after drink and customer after customer. Using our retail experience, Stockton Graham & Co. offers these blenders to provide the retailer the ability to handle one or many customer orders with speed, consistency and reliability for many seasons to come.

List $940
The Drink Machine Advance has the power and performance to produce perfectly smooth beverages that’ll get your customers asking for more! The Drink Machine Advance has 6 programs using just the dial switch! Each program combines the right speed and timing to eliminate the guesswork, allowing operators to have consistency from location to location, and drink to drink.

List $1705
The noise-reducing cover of the Vita-Mix Touch & Go 2 makes this one of the quietest blenders on the market, allowing you to blend virtually any drink while preserving your shop’s soothing atmosphere. As powerful as the Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance, but adding 34 programmable blending programs, variable speed control, low and high pulsing, and a much quieter operation.

List $2095
Operating at an amazing 18 decibels below its closest competitor on one of the most demanding recipes (milkshake), according to independent third party testing, The Quiet One would be perceived as being four times quieter. It was specifically designed to create a more enjoyable customer environment while offering operators the ability to deliver a wide variety of superior blended beverages.

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