Pics from the Electric Beanz Cupping

We had a great time at the Electric Beanz Coffee Bar on in Raleigh on Saturday! They have some wonderful customers and employees…they also make some great drinks! If you haven’t dropped in yet, go check them out.

Here are some pics from the cupping:


Stockton Graham & Co. Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer Brandon Riggs explains the differences between certain coffee varietals

Electric Beanz customers enjoy tasting a single-origin varietal from Costa Rica

Enjoying the fragrance before "breaking the crust."

Again, thanks for the hospitality, Electric Beanz!

If you are a Stockton Graham & Co. coffee customer (or would like to be) and you’d be interested in holding a cupping in your cafe,  please contact me at 800.835-5943, ext. 3552.  If you’d be interested in learning to host your own, SGC’s Coffee College offers a “Cupping for Coffee Shop Owners” class. Schedule your spot today!

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.