Pics from Royal Bean's One Year Anniversary

Stockton Graham & Co. assisted with a cupping at Royal Bean Coffee House in Raleigh, NC over the weekend to help celebrate their one year anniversary.

SGC was on-hand to help develop a new house blend for Royal Bean through feedback from loyal customers and employees. 

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! The shop is located on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh, NC across from Meredith College.

The table is set to cup some incredible single-origin varietals.

Royal Bean Customer Event 11.14.09 007

Stockton Graham & Co. Roastmaster Brandon Riggs giving a brief history of coffee.

Royal Bean Customer Event 11.14.09 008

Royal Bean customers and baristas wait to try a few of the single-origin varietals to help create a new house blend.

Royal Bean Customer Event 11.14.09 010

Royal Bean customers picked their favorite varietals and we blended the selections to create a new, unique house blend.

Special thanks to the fine folks at Royal Bean for letting us drop by for the morning and congrats on one great year! Many more!

If you are a Stockton Graham & Co. coffee customer (or would like to be) and you’d be interested in holding a cupping in your cafe,  please contact me at 800.835-5943, ext. 3552.  If you’d be interested in learning to host your own, SGC’s Coffee College offers a “Cupping for Coffee Shop Owners” class. Schedule your spot today!

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.