Sweet Peach Freeze

Torani Signature White Peach SyrupWhile experimenting with our NEW Signature Syrups from Torani, we came up with a refreshing new drink for the summer. Mixing our Torani Signature White Peach Syrup with a scoop of Cappuccine Vanilla Smoothie Powder (on sale now!) creates a sweet summer drink that tastes like homemade peach ice cream! The perfectly peach drink is reminiscent of summers spent picking sun-ripened peaches and making smooth homemade ice cream. Naturally sweeten with a mixture of turbinada and pure cane sugar, Torani Signature White Peach Syrup has a juicy lightly floral sweetness that is sure to delight your customers.   Find the recipe for a Sweet Peach Freeze below:

Sweet Peach Freeze

  • 1 oz. Torani Signature White Peach Syrup
  • 1 scoop Cappuccine Vanilla Smoothie Powder (ON SALE!)
  • 5 oz. Milk
  • Ice

Combine ingredients and blend.

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