Our Roastmaster’s trip to Guatemala: La Cascada

SGC Roastmaster Brandon Riggs recently returned from a trip to Guatemala. Over the course of seven days, Brandon traveled all over the country, cupping new crop varietals and visiting coffee farms. Along the way, he was able to take some really cool pictures.  Here are his photos from the Coban region:

Drying trays from the La Casada Estate. Currently, we source our single-origin Guatemalan from this farm.

La Cascada Estate owner Horst Spitzke explaining his coffee drying project. Due to climate changes in the region over the last few years, Mr. Spitzke is implementing a new way to dry the coffee.

The terrain in and around the Estate. You'll notice the remnants of a powerful landslide that occurred two years ago.

We’ll have more pictures to come from other farms in the region. If you’d like to sample our single-origin Guatemala La Cascada, please contact a customer care associate at (800) 835-5943.