Our Favorite Fall Coffee Blends

SGC-Bulk-CoffeeAutumn Harvest Blend

This blend features traits of fruits from the autumn harvest. When brewed, it expresses a light scent of blueberries, and the flavor is reminiscent of dried apricots with chocolate and caramel accents. The velvety body makes for smooth drinking that ends with an aftertaste as crisp as an autumn wind.

Thanksgiving Blend

Our Roastmaster created this blend to unite the major coffee-growing regions of the world. Kenyan, Guatemalan, and Sumatran varietals come together to form a dark-roasted blend that appeals to a wide variety of palates. It’s sure to please everyone at your feast.

Blue Ridge Blend

The Blue Ridge Blend is one of the most popular choices from our North Carolina-themed blends. This blend of South American coffees and our own French roast has a rich fragrance of nuts roasted in the Appalachian tradition with a buttery smooth body to match. It plays across the tongue with acidity as brisk as mountain air and leaves a well rounded aftertaste that’s never bitter or sour.

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