Oatmeal Done Easy, Profitably and Right

More and more customers have been asking about doing oatmeal in their caf├ęs, so we wanted to provide some suggestions. This old favorite has enjoyed a resurgence over the last several months, and even McDonald’s has introduced their own take on it.

There are many brands of pre-packed oatmeal available that only require the addition of hot water, but they can be costly and therefore hard to sell. So, we recently conducted some trials in our office of different preparation methods and here are our results.

The easiest method by far turned out to be the use of commercially available “quick oats” such as Quaker brand. For plain, old-fashioned oatmeal, measure out about 3/4cup or weigh out about 1.5oz of quick oats into a 12oz. to go hot cup or small to go soup cup. Add about 1 cup of hot water from your coffee brewer, stir, cover and serve. Just that easy.

To give your oatmeal a little added pep, you can add ingredients readily available in your shop, such as flavoring syrups, smoothie purees with a splash of Half & Half or even chai. Here we tried and loved Monin Spiced Brown Sugar with a dash of cinnamon, Strawberries and Cream using Dr. Smoothie strawberry puree and a chai oatmeal with a sprinkling of Big Train Spiced Chai. We also found a bag of pre-packed trail mix with dried fruits and nuts at Trader Joe’s for about $.50/pack which worked great as a topping.

Adding oatmeal to your daily menu is easy and profitable. With costs of at or under $1.00, you can easily charge anywhere from $1.99 to $2.99 with a decent profit margin. Your customers will happily pay that price and feel better knowing they made a healthy breakfast choice.

Thom Swain
Stockton Graham & Co.