Nutritious, Delicious and Fast: Oatmeal Made Easy with Umpqua Oats

Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to announce a new addition to our great line up of allied product offerings – Umpqua Oats! Umpqua Oats is based on one simple philosophy: NUTRITIOUS, DELICIOUS and FAST! All you do is add water and hand off to your customer! How do you offer a healthy breakfast to families on the go? Why sacrifice proper nutrition and great taste for speed if you don’t have to? Where do you find a healthy AND fast breakfast in the midst of pre-soccer game chaos? These and other questions were on the minds of Mandy and Sheri, two active moms, on the pivotal morning of an important soccer match. The kids needed nutrition and lots of energy to win the game, but they wanted good taste too. Forcing down bland packets of plain ol’ instant oats wasn’t tasty, but it was great inspiration…

So after the game, Mandy and Sheri trekked into the kitchen with the kids to find the secret to a healthy, quick, and mobile breakfast for active people everywhere.

Only the best ingredients, from whole rolled oats to the care only moms can provide, go into Umpqua Oats. It’s so good you might even want to slow down, sit down, and savor it!

From the best natural ingredients to the unsurpassed taste, Umpqua Oats is truly the Nutritious, Delicious and Fast breakfast choice.

The products we use make Umpqua Oats different.

Whole Rolled Oats
We use only whole thick rolled oats for an “old fashioned” taste. Rolled oats contain thiamin, iron and fiber. Fiber is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Whole oats are also the only source of antioxidant compounds known as avenanthramides.

Sucanat Sugar
Another quality ingredient we add to our oatmeal is sucanat sugar. Sucanat is whole cane sugar that is simply made by crushing freshly cut sugar cane, extracting the juice and heating it in a large vat. Once the sugar is reduced to a rich, dark syrup it is hand paddled to cool creating the porous granules called sucanat. Sucanat adds that caramel flavor to our oatmeal.

Available varieties: Kick Start (nut & fruit medley), Mostly Sunny (fruit-only), RU Nuts (nuts-only), Time Out (chocolate, peanut butter & coconut), Take a Hike (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds & apricots), Old School (Granny Smith apples, almonds, pumpkin seeds & walnuts), Lei’d Back (cashews, macadamia nuts, coconut and papaya), Not Guilty (no sugar added with apples, blueberries, flax and chia seeds).

Case specs: 24 cartons per case; customer can split cases 12 and 12. Umpqua Oats also has a variety case available for purchase so you can try all the varieties with minimal investment. Call Stockton Graham & Co. at (800) 835-5943 to order now!