Now Available from Stockton Graham Coffees: Costa Rica Romelia Palmichal

In the world of coffee it is easy to get carried away by extremes, but if you are seeking a clean, traditional coffee, then look no further than Costa Rica. This varietal steers in the direction of high acidity, which highlights all of the wonderful flavors. This coffee has been selected for its ability to cooperate as a base for blends. The caramel flavor which defines this varietal will not be drowned out by any coffee with which it is blended, but the clean and stable nature will help to supplement a less balanced coffee.

Coffee from this region can credit geography and climate for its reputation as temperate and clean. The isthmus shape of the country, in combination with the warm equatorial currents of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, allow Costa Rica to remain warm and humid almost year-round. The warm currents also promote the rainforest ecologic system which covers most of the island.

Twenty-five percent of the total land mass in Costa Rica is protected by reserves and parks. In exchange, 5% of the world’s creatures call Costa Rica home despite the fact that Costa Rica only comprises one quarter of one percent of the world’s land mass. Costa Rica is also rather unique in that it retains no military whatsoever. In 1949, the Costa Rican legislature completely abolished its armed forces in exchange for improvements in infrastructure and education. For that, Costa Rica has found itself at the forefront of development in Central America.

The Palmichal plantation is located on the slopes of the Escazú Mountains, which overlook the capital of San Jose from the west. The volcanic soil found on these mountains, contributes to the vibrant acidity, which is indigenous to Central America. Serve Romelia Palmichal in your cafe, and allow your customers to experience coffee from the heart of Central America.


AROMA: Spicy, Rich
BODY: Creamy
FLAVOR: Sound, Well Balanced, Caramel notes
ACIDITY: Brilliant, Sharp
AFTERTASTE: Clean, Spicy