New Stockton’s Reserves coffee available – Rainforest Alliance Nicaragua Selva Negra

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Nicaragua Selva Negra is a unique variation on traditional Central American coffee. While many farms in Nicaragua utilize clear cutting techniques that allow for shorter growing cycles and more profit, the Selva Negra farm found near the Sierra Quirragua Nature Preserve approaches business with a more environmental attitude. The respect that the farm shows to the environment in Nicaragua, as well as the community, is second-to-none in the coffee industry.

Nicaragua is located north of Costa Rica and benefits greatly from a tropical climate. Rainforests naturally blanket the country, so coffee is not surprisingly the nation’s primary export. Nicaragua covers more land than any other Central American nation, but most of the country remains forested due to a low population. The highest peak, Volcán Momotombo, rises above Lake Managua on the western edge of the country. This active stratovolcano fuels a geothermal power plant, which provides most of the electricity for the capital city of Managua.

The Selva Negra farm is located north east of Volcán Momotombo and has been there for well over one hundred years. The farm itself is part of a larger mountain resort that is entirely self-sustaining. Local Nicaraguans who work on the farm are provided with housing, doctors, schools for their children and scholarship opportunities. The level of respect provided for the locals contributes to the prosperity of the Selva Negra plantation, and improves the quality of our world. Selva Negra farmers also follow strict standards of shade growing, which leave rainforest and animal habitat intact. This varietal is wet processed like most Central American coffee, highlighting a caramel and honey flavor which is balanced by moderate acidity and a full creamy body.

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AROMA: Honey, Caramel
BODY: Medium, Creamy
FLAVOR: Mild Sweetness, Balanced
ACIDITY: Lingering
AFTERTASTE: Very Pleasant – Sweet