New from Two Leaves Tea Company!

As you may have noticed by now, the tea company “two leaves and a bud” has recently under gone a name and brand change. The company is now called “two leaves” but still boasts the same quality and wonderful teas that they have always provided. The company decided to shorten the name to avoid confusion and when speaking, help it slip off the tongue easier. The tea still contains the two leaves and a bud of whole leaf camellia sinensis that it was originally named for! Of course with a new name, new branding has been issued and a new box and bag labels have been introduced. The name on the box is easier to read and for your customers to see the organic title.

Inside the box the tea satchel’s sleeves are smaller. The tea satchel itself contains the same amount of tea as previously! Two leaves is really expressing that their “look has changed, but the tea has not!” The only tea name that is changing is the name of the White Peony Tea. They are now going to be using the Chinease original name: Bai Mu Dan. The new name educates the tea drinker about the origin and doesn’t confuse people about whether Peony flowers are in the tea. This is just another example of the name changing, but not the tea.

Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we expect to see some of the new packaging soon. We are excited to see it be more pleasing to the eye and more environmentally friendly. Look forward to seeing the new boxes mixed in with a few old boxes in your tea orders during the holiday rush!