New Crop: Kenya AA Plus NGUVU

Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to secure this Kenyan coffee for our customers despite the overall lack of available Kenyan coffees this growing season, much less one of this exceptional quality. This coffee was chosen for its exceptional taste, syrupy body and prolonged sweet and tangy acidity.

Even though the country of Kenya borders the nation of Ethiopia, which many believe is the birthplace of coffee, Kenyan coffee stands on its own. Due to its rich volcanic soil and high altitude mountains, Kenya has become one of the largest producers of coffee beans in the world. Not only does their coffee stand out, but their rating system and government control are renowned as well. Kenyan beans are rated based on the size, shape and density of the bean, with the rating ‘AA’ being supreme. The NGUVU bean is a blend of both AA and AB and is grown in the highlands of central Kenya, recognized as one of the most fertile and rich coffee producing regions in Africa. The slopes of this mountainous region, due to both Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Range, contain some of the richest soil in East Africa, and the temperate climate and seasonal rains combine to produce coffee that is so well balanced it is almost sublime. The main harvest period for the beans can last from October to December, and this bean’s appearance is of typical round bourbon style.

The term “NGUVU” is a Swahili name, which means,”POWER”. It’s generally a positive connotation associated with rich individuals, politicians and areas with great wealth. Translating it to the cup, it implies that the coffee has strength, with good, complex flavors. The most recent coffee contract was a combination of Mchana Estate and Chania Estate, estates that are vastly spread across the central regions of Kenya.

The coffee is produced by the Kikuyu, the largest tribe in Kenya, which accounts for about 22% of the country’s population. The Kikuyu people are predominantly farmers and they grow major cash crops such as coffee and tea alongside other produce such as maize, beans, potatoes and fruits.

Overall, this is a perfect example of a rich, complex coffee and a great first roast for anyone new to Kenya varietals. With its fine acidity, creamy body and lemony aromatic flavor, this blend is sure to please any customer looking for a great tasting cup.