NEW Single Origin Coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica!

SGC-coffeeStockton Graham & Co. is pleased to introduce a new Single Origin coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which is AVAILABLE NOW… and we also will introduce our new Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate later this month!

Ethiopian coffee  has a distinct fruity flavor that significantly brightens the drink. This year, our choice is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which offered the best flavor and cleanest taste in cuppings of Ethiopian beans, including a zest fruitiness combined with hints of spice. Click here for our full Single Origin listing.

Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Fruity – Sweet – Hints of Spices
BODY: Medium – Soft and Velvety
FLAVOR: Herbal – Lemon Zest – Sweet Chocolate
AFTERTASTE: Clean – Crisp