Merry Making and Making Sales this Holiday Season

Between Black Friday and New Year’s, America will be spending more time out of their home than any other time of the year. And most will be turning to coffee to keep the holiday season buzzing.

Stockton Graham & Co. Holiday Season Coffee SalesAccording to National Restaurant News, coffee sales at coffee shops and restaurants increase in the last six weeks of the year as more people look to fuel up – or simply just warm up — while holiday shopping.

Coffee also makes great gifts, especially for co-workers, teachers, neighbors and other not-so-close acquaintances. Sales of holiday items like gift cards, sampler coffee boxes, coffee chocolate and limited-edition whole bean offerings can account for up to 50% of a coffee retailer’s profits.

As you seek to make the most of the holiday season, here are a few ideas from sales team at Stockton Graham & Co.

  1. Create a festive moodYou don’t have to go overboard with holiday lights and kitschy music, but a few well-placed nods to winter will help keep sales going. Think about red-and-white striped coffee stirrers, green serving aprons, cut-paper snow flakes or Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album to add a holiday touch.
  2. Entice taste buds with seasonal flavors. It’s easy to offer a holiday-themed drip coffee option like spicy Gingerbread, CinnaGraham or Bourbon Pecan Pie. Promote espresso-based beverages such as Peppermint Mocha, Candy Cane Latte and a Dirty Holiday ChaiNog. Click here for some recipe ideas.
  3. Set out some giftsTurn a couple of inexpensive craft bowls into grab-and-go gift baskets by adding a half-pound of seasonal coffee, a bag of chocolate-flavored coffee beans and a simple stainless steel travel mug. Baskets in the $20 – $35 range placed close to the register usually start flying off the shelves during the first week of December. Place a prominent gift-card display at the cash register to encourage spontaneous gifting.
  4. Plan a special event (or two). Invite a local church choir to perform on Sunday afternoon or host a Saturday morning Christmas story time for the kids. It’s a great way to increase foot traffic, get the community involved, raise spirits and boost sales.
  5. Don’t forget the evening. During the holiday season, customers tend to gravitate to coffee more frequently after dark—either to re-energize after a madcap day of shopping or perk up after an office party. Calibrate your evening staff accordingly so (often tired and impatient) customers don’t need to wait too long for service.
  6. Make some fun. To help alleviate some of the stress of the holidays (for your staff and for customers), have some fun. Try Christmas karaoke, dressing up as elves or a tacky holiday sweater contest. Set up a handmade Christmas card station where customers can craft their own wacky holiday greeting or bring in “Santa.”
  7. Simply say “Thanks.” No marketing budget? No worries. Simply make a point to say “thanks” to customers during the hurried holiday season—it is one of the best things you can do to celebrate. Not only will customers remember the effort, but it will raise the spirits of your entire staff and pay off in spades as customers return again and again.

It’s not difficult to make the holidays both fun and profitable for your store. Feel free to call a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943 if we can help.