Registration is open for Coffee College 2016

1/5/16 UPDATE: The January and February classes are full and closed to new participants.

The most profitable coffee businesses are those that are known for expertly crafting espresso-based drinks. Stockton Graham & Co. offers a one-day course on Coffee & Espresso Basics, commonly called Coffee College, to provide you and your staff the knowledge and expertise necessary to differentiate your coffee business.Coffee College 2016 from Stockton Graham & Co.

The first course in 2016 will be held on Friday, January 15 at our Raleigh facility at 4320 Delta Lake Drive. Led by our roastmaster Brandon Riggs and our lead barista Alex Jeans, Coffee College is usually scheduled for the third Friday of every month. The first quarter 2016 Coffee College schedule looks like this:

January Friday, January 15
February Friday, February 19
March Friday, March 18

According to Mintel, more than 35% of all coffee beverages sold in America are lattes, and 27% are coffee frappes. An additional 20% of all coffee beverages sold are espresso drinks like cappuccino, café Americano, espresso and macchiato. That’s why formal coffee and espresso training is paramount to a successful coffeCoffee Collegee business.

Is Coffee College for me?

Coffee College was created for business owners and their staff who are newly involved in coffee or who have not participated in any other formal coffee training. It is held at our Raleigh coffee roasting facility at 4320 Delta Lake Drive. During the training, you will learn about the path of coffee from seed to cup, basic processing and decaffeination techniques, coffee flavors and taste characteristics and how to comfortably talk about coffee.

How many people participate in each class?

Class sizes are small (2-5 people) to allow for an individualized experience. There is plenty of time to ask questions and delve deeper into areas that interest you most. We also keep the classes small so that everyone has an opportunity to participate fully in the hands-on portions of the training that include coffee cupping and drink preparation.

Will I learn about espresso?

A full afternoon is dedicated to this important coffee beverage. You will not only learn the history of espresso, but also participate in hands-on training at our commercial espresso machine. You will learn how to grind coffee for espresso, pull a shot and steam milk to make espresso-based beverages.Barista Certification Training at Stockton Graham & Co.

Will I learn how to properly steam milk?

Once you learn how to pull a perfect shot of espresso, the next logical step is learning the proper way to texturize milk. A layer of rich, creamy milk is pleasing to the palette and allows your shop to demonstrate an elevated level of espresso sophistication. You’ll have access to our Nuova Simonelli semi-automatic espresso machine for your hands-on training.

Do I learn how to make different kind of drinks?

We can teach you how to make all drinks on the barista’s menu such as espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, café au lait, café mocha, frappes, etc. Our customer-oriented approach is relaxed, and we will help you with anything or any hot or cold beverages that you wish.

Can my entire team participate?

For teams of more than five (5) people, we may consider holding the course at your store’s location so we can train on your machines. Our instructors have experience on a wide range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual espresso and drip coffee equipment.

How much is the course?

Please contact your sales associate or our Customer Care Associates at 800 835 5943 for costs and to reserve your space.