How Jazz Great Marcus Anderson Launched AND Coffee to #1

When Marcus Anderson, one of the world’s premier modern saxophonists, came to Stockton Graham & Co. with a question about launching his own private label coffee line, it was a common one: “How do I do it?”Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee for Marcus Anderson Jazz Great AND Coffee

“The idea of blending music and coffee was a natural one for me because they are both products that bring people together,” said Marcus, an award-winning musician whose smooth jazz stylings have achieved international acclaim.

“Just like coffee, people share the experience of drinking a cup of joe with a stranger and begin to relate to one another,” Marcus said. “Mutual appreciation of music has the same kind of effect on people.”

Marcus Anderson Billboard“I wanted to create a private label coffee that would excite people who love music and enhance the experience of listening to my music,” Marcus said. “So working with Stockton Graham & Co., I was able to initially launch four coffees designed to match certain tracks on my AND Coffee album.”

So Marcus Anderson’s private label coffee line, AND Coffee, was born. The titles and moods of each song on the AND Coffee album correspond to the tastes, aromas and experiences that each of the various blends in the AND Coffee lineup.

Marcus and his team spent countless hours at our Raleigh, NC coffee roasting facilities, speaking to our coffee roaster, marketing director and sales team to launch AND Coffee. The AND Coffee selections reflect Marcus’ musical tastes and the experiences of the music from mild to passionate and bold.

The first single from the AND Coffee album is called Cup of Joe, and it has an accompanying coffee blend also called Cup of Joe that is “roasted mild for easy sipping.” The song Cup of Joe ranked #1 on Billboard Smooth Jazz charts on June 16 and 23 of this year. The song remained in the Top 10 into August.

Marcus Anderson AND CoffeeMarcus Anderson has initially launched three other coffees coinciding with other songs on his AND Coffee album, including sweet Hazelnut, bold Cappuccino Strut and decaf Passion Blend.

“I was so excited when we released AND Coffee with Cup of Joe being the first single off the CD,” Marcus said. “Originally I had not planned to send the song to radio and it was just going to be a product album. But after a brief discussion with my team we decided to go for it. It ended up being the best decision of my career because it gave me my first #1 on Billboard. Cup of Joe superseded all of our expectations of the songs possibilities. Now we’re having the same discussion on what could possibly be the next single. I’m very excited about the future of AND Coffee, both the Music and the Beverage.”

For more information on Marcus Anderson and AND Coffee, visit If you’d like to explore your own private label coffee program for your coffee shop, call our Director of Sales Thom Swain at 800 835 5943.