Local Marketing Area Target: Apartment Complexes

One of the areas with great customer generation potential are apartment complexes and other multi-family housing including condos, senior communities, student housing, etc.

These areas are filled with an influx of new people who are searching for a third place café and meeting  place.  Apartments also have a lot of showings to potential new residents who come to look, but may not sign a lease.  The apartment managers may also have a budget for resident activities, new resident gifts, renewal gifts, etc. for which coffee shop gift cards, baskets, baked items, etc. make excellent items for them to use.

We tried to get around to the apartment complexes within a 3 mile radius at least 3 to 4 times per year to meet or touch base with the property managers and leasing agents.  We would bring coffee samples (ground for the office pot), free coffee cards on a visit to the shop, menus and other notes about our shops.

We always tried to ask if we could include a gift certificates for a nominal value (around $5.00) for each new resident,  free drink coupons for prospective residents and or we put a bug in for assisting in resident activities  such as a coffee tastings, smoothie parties, etc. You do not always have to give these things away to them, but it’s perfectly acceptable to ask how they work with new residents, returning residents, events, etc. and how you can work with their budgets.  The more promotions, including newsletter mentions, signage, etc. might help you with extending a volume discount.

Remember, if the typical coffeehouse customer visits 3 to 5 times per week, spends on average $4.00 per visit that is $12 to $20 per week or $624 to $1,040 per year of revenue!

Jeff Vojta
Stockton Graham & Co.