Stockton Graham & Co. June Anniversaries!

Kirk HaggardIn honor of Stockton Graham & Co.’s 20th year in business, we have been celebrating important dates for the company. This June, we are celebrating Kirk Haggard’s 6th Anniversary at Stockton Graham & Co.!

Kirk Haggard is the Accounting and Purchasing Assistant at Stockton Graham & Co., which means he does a little bit of everything. He makes sure our vendors’ products are coming in, and he keeps up with product inventory in the warehouse. Since he came to Stockton Graham & Co. in 2008, Kirk has learned the ins and outs of the warehouse, and if you are looking to locate any product, he’s the man to see. When he came to Stockton Graham & Co. he had managerial experience, and that experience is apparent in his ability to handle many tasks at once.

“It is hard to believe that Kirk has been here for 6 years.  We have seen him grow and learn a lot about our company, products and customers during his time here.  He is always eager to take on new projects or problems and works hard until he finds a solution.  His dedication to ensuring our customers have what they need when they need it and his tremendous desire to help our customers and fellow associates is what makes Kirk a valuable asset to me and Stockton Graham & Co.” – Jeff Vojta

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kirk since he joined Stockton Graham six years ago.  He has become my go-to “Product Guru” for those times when I need a quick answer for how many drinks I can make from a case of Dr. Smoothie or how many ounces a Torani syrup pump will dose.  He is always willing to lend a hand whether it’s invoicing, shipping orders, or assisting customers.  Kirk understands that Stockton Graham & Co.’s success is defined by our customers’ success and this shows through in his actions each day.”
– Steven May

Kirk has been Stockton Graham & Co. Barista Certified and has a certificate from Coffee College, as well. Kirk is the orchestrator for taste testing and taste comparison of our specialty beverage products. When a new product comes in, he is making sure that the staff is as informed on it as possible.

 Thank you for your hard work!