July is National Blueberry Month… Celebrate with Recipes!

What better way to celebrate national blueberry month than with some fantastic recipes to incorporate into your summer menu? 

For your coffee lovers, trying mixing blueberry syrup with white chocolate for a decadent, sweet and fruity delight!  The white chocolate blueberry mocha is delicious both hot and iced!  For a 12oz version, simply add one pump of white chocolate sauce, 3 pumps of blueberry syrup to your espresso. Then add milk!  It also works great as a steamer for those not interested in adding coffee to their drinks.

For the cold drink enthusiast, add a little zest to your summer staple of lemonade by including a shot of blueberry syrup! This will create a unique drink sure to have customers coming back for more!

Don’t forget about refreshing Italian sodas during these summer months!  Simply add 1oz of Blueberry syrup to 8oz soda water, combine with ice and enjoy!