Celebrating July Anniversaries!


In honor of Stockton Graham & Co.’s 20th year in business, we have been celebrating important dates for the company. This July, we are celebrating Andy Midgette’s 1 Year Anniversary at Stockton Graham & Co.!

A newcomer to the coffee world, Andy is a coffee lover and interested in all aspects of the business. He has a lot of experience working in customer service and loves interacting with people. Andy’s favorite coffee is the Papua New Guinea because of it’s fruity, fresh flavor. A UNC-Wilmington graduate, outside of work Andy enjoys cycling.

“While Andy has only been with Stockton Graham & Co. for 1 year, he has become an integral part of our team. His creativity and dedication to our customers is evident in his work and we have seen him grow and learn a lot about our company, our customers and our customer’s businesses during his time here. His passion for ensuring our customers are taken care of is what makes Andy such a valuable asset to our customers and our company.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO Stockton Graham & Co.

“Andy is always eager to learn something new about coffee and share this experience with our customers who find it enlightening and inspiring.  Though he is relatively new to the coffee industry, we appreciate his fresh perspective.” Thom Swain, Director of Southeast Business Development

Andy has completed our Coffee College as well.

 From the whole team at Stockton Graham & Co, thank you for your hard work!