January 2014 Featured Single Origin
Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate

Single Origin - Costa Rica La Candelilla EstateDirect from the La Candelilla Estate in the Tarrazu region, our Costa Rica offering possesses sophistication sought out by specialty coffee fans. This 100% Arabica coffee contains all the bright acidity one expects from a high grown Costa Rican coffee. After the initial rush of brightness, the sweet, creamy body envelops your mouth offering you glimpses of fruit notes. Juxtaposed with mild spices, the clean finish proves you have found a truly wonderful coffee – full of tasting adventures and uniqueness rarely found from this origin. This coffee farm has existed since the early 1900’s when the Mora family began planting coffee seedlings on the property. Mr. Mora’s daughter and husband began fully investing and running the farm in the 1940’s, and only as recently as 2000 did a wet mill appear on the property. Today, under the family’s watchful eye, only the top quality, sun dried beans are exported. Truly this coffee is a work of love and dedication that can be experienced with each sip.

Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet, Chocolate/Cocoa, Honey/Dried Nuts     BODY: Light, Smooth     FLAVOR: Pronounced Sweet Citrus Fruitiness
ACIDITY: Medium     AFTERTASTE: Finishes Tangy

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