New Single Origin Espresso – Papua New Guinea Baroida Espresso

We are excited to now offer a single origin, single roast level espresso from Papua New Guinea!
Click here to download a .pdf about Papua New Guinea Baroida Espresso.

This espresso was born from a wish to offer a single origin espresso that we could pull from a single roast level and have the best espresso shot. We’ve been pulling shots of Papua New Guinea Baroida for a long time, and it works so nicely as a single roast level espresso. It is a naturally sweet, bright and complex espresso yielding rich, syrupy notes of dried cherry, apricot and spice.

Single origin espresso is a wonderful way to experience every flavor and nuance that a varietal has to offer. The smooth, tangy and fruity qualities of this single-origin coffee are magnified in this simple, single roast level espresso shot. The unique acidity produced by wet processing in combination with the natural body of a hand-cultivated South Pacific coffee, renders this easily approachable espresso irresistible. Because the beans are fully washed, this varietal also tends to yield a very clean, consistent cup quality.

The distinctive qualities of this espresso shine through as a straight shot. It’s acidity and aftertaste practically disappear in milk based drinks, which reflect the same soft, creamy, delicate body of the non-espresso version of the varietal. The unique flavor of Papua New Guinea is a wonderful addition to any cafe menu. Wet processing and Indonesian varietals rarely mix, and the flavors that are produced by the combination are equally as rare. If your customers demand a specialized experience, Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate will deliver.

Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster